• SPICED COCONUT - almonds (nuts)*, dates*, coconuts (30%), cinnamon (1%), Himalayan salt.
  • CHOCOLATE ORANGE - almonds (nuts)*, dates*, raw organic cacao (4%), dried orange peel (1.2%).
  • SALTED PEANUT - 57% peanuts, dates*, raw organic cacao, Himalayan salt.
  • HAZEL CRUNCH - 36% hazelnuts, dates*, almonds (nuts), coconut, raw organic cacao, Himalayan salt.
  • GINGER NUT - 38% almonds *nuts)*, dates*, coconut, cinnamon, dried orange peel, all spice, ginger (0.3%).


*may contain small fragments of nutshells or fruit stone or mustard.


This product is manufactured in an artisan way, in an area where peanuts and nuts are handled.  Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.

Assorted Truffles

  • Our assorted truffles are finally here to stay and are packed with natural ingredients, of course vegan & gluten free too. Curated to gift to yourself and your special ones - 30 mini truffles, 5 flavours. You're going to love this one !

  • Once orders are placed and accepted, we will take just 3-5 working days in order to deliver the goods to you. Delivery is Free on our Christmas Special !