• Ramona Zammit


The heat has arrived and so have our homemade cooling recipes !

The ultimate tip I can give for summer is to stock up on all the frozen fruit you can find. I always have berries, mango and pineapple stocked up in my freezer and that way I can mix and match these easy recipes for a frozen quick treat.

Here's what you'll need to make this Frozen Berry Delight:

x2 cups frozen berries

125g yogurt

1 lemon (Zest only)

1 spoon tahini

  • Blend all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture is thick and creamy. Transfer to a bowl and place in the freezer for 20 mins.

  • Add any topping you like before serving 💕 ENJOY!

(The berries can be substituted for any other frozen fruit)

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